Vacation Rental Investment

The Most Pronounced Trend in Travel

How much opportunity is there for hotel-branded vacation rentals?

There are 115 Million traveling adults in the United States.

Of those, 43 Million have never tried vacation rentals.

But 20 Million have considered vacation rentals.

10 Million Households, 20 Million Travelers, 2 Travelers per household
$1236.00 Lodging spent per trip per household
$12.4 Billion Opportunity

A greatly increased use of apartments and vacation homes in place of standard hotels.

Vacation Rental Bookings

Online share of vacation rental bookings doubled
from 12% of the overall vacation rental market in 2007 to 24% in 2012

Our Goal

To profitably invest in vacation rental properties. This will be achieved by taking advantage of attractive yields with a focus on income generation and property development that offers greater seasonality than traditional
vacation rental investments.

With vacation rental investor participation currently on such a relatively small scale, the LP looks to become the largest investment entity delivering expert execution and returns, specifically focused on the Vacation Rental segment of the real estate market.

Our Starting Point

Walt Disney World is expected to surpass 60 million visitors this year.

Total of 32 million room nights sold in 2014.

Vacation rental market still only accounts for approximately 10% of overall accommodations.

Core Portfolio Focus

  • Favorable year-round occupancy
  • Destination for multi-generation groups
  • Theme park industry driven
  • Investment strategy focused on communities most popular and in closest proximity to Walt Disney World, and other major attractions including Windsor Hills, Reunion Resort, and Champions Gate.

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