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Company Structure

Roxton VR Investments LP is structured as a Florida Registered Limited Partnership (recommended as most advantageous to limit liability and tax consequences for all partners).

Roxton Capital LLC is the General Partner providing all management and operations, while also being liable for all debt and claims.

While limited partners share in the profits of the partnership (and as such will report and file taxes individually on their share), they are protected from any liability stemming from business debt or claims against the partnership.

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Leading the Charge

Roxton VR Investments LP is for those who want to invest in real estate opportunities that take advantage of the biggest shift in vacation accommodations. Nathaniel Campbell, Managing General Partner, launched Roxton VR solely for this reason and is leading the charge to make this one of the biggest investment enti-ties in the vacation rental real estate market. In addition to his lifelong passion for real estate, property development, and a natural ability to envision real estate potential, Nathaniel has 16 years of Capital Markets experience, operating and advising in Global Foreign exchange & interest rate markets. He is also an avid investor in Public REIT and REOC securities. The marriage of vacation rental real estate and capital markets expertise makes Roxton VR poised to achieve great success on multiple fronts.

Nathaniel has brought together a niche-specific team who are experts in their own right — a vacation rental focused real estate broker, property manager, booking agent and insurance brokerage. As a result, Roxton VR Investments LP has its finger on the pulse of the Disney vacation rental market with early access to favourable real estate opportunities.

The Roxton VR brand has been profitably introduced with MVH_085 in Windsor Hills which is currently positioned as a top performer for Magical Vacation Homes. Nathaniel also privately owns and
operates Hillcrest Cottage, a successful Ontario summer vacation rental for over five years.


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